We're COMU labs - plywood 2.0
Basic concept
We develop a set of highly automated scalable mYcrofactories
We aim to develop several dedicated modular factory concepts that could be installed right by your production facility and supply it with materials such as furniture plywood or housing, all made from agricultural waste and industrial byproducts.
Our process lets us tailor final product to customer's demands while minimising overproduction and trimmings.
Waste upcycling
Coffee husks or corn-derived cellulose - our mushrooms find a wide variety of byproducts desirable. And many producers are willing to pay us for sustainably taking care of their waste, which is in many cases non-compostable.
Automated production
High levels of automation let us control all the steps from substrate preparation through inoculation, mushroom growth, all the way to final production.
It saves time, setup and operational costs and provides better scalability.
Automated systems are also much easier to keep uncontaminated, which is a major risk factor when dealing with mushrooms.
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